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Kids Electric Car To Ensure Safety
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Most of the electric car with a remote control, due to the surrounding seat, generally not easy to fall from the car, 1 year old can be independent but can not understand the control of children can be used by parents to control the remote control, and other children to the 3 years old can control their own time, you can use children's electric car pedal pedal to control their own, but still need to have parents in the side to take care to ensure safety. Electric cars are currently on the market the largest sales of children's electric car types.

In order to ensure the safety of the material should be selected after a variety of safety certification of the brand models, generally at least with the domestic 3C certification, the best can have ASTM (US) or CE (European) certification. The domestic 3C certification mainly on the material of heavy metal content has certain requirements, heavy metal content will affect the child's brain development. European and American safety standards in addition to the heavy metal content and type of more stringent requirements, but also requires the prohibition of the use of phthalates, phthalates can cause children's precocious puberty and other issues. But due to the addition of phthalates can be a large-scale reduction in the cost of plastic, a considerable number of manufacturers are using.

In order to ensure the safety of children, should be purchased faster than normal walking speed models, the general children's electric vehicles are mainly for children under the age of 5, their control and response speed is still in development, if the car's speed Too fast, in the event of a collision, prone to accidents. Children's electric car function is also as simple as possible, the more functional point of failure, and generally for children under the age of 5 too much but not easy to control, but also easy to distract the attention of children, resulting in security risks, Easy to distract the bad habits, of course, there are many aspects need to pay attention: for example, whether there is a seat belt, the body is the use of glass and other fragile material, whether the body has passed the passivation treatment.

When buying Kids Electric Car, many people tend to ignore portability, many urban children are living in high-rise buildings, generally do not have their own courtyard, if the car is too large too inconvenient to move can not easily moved to the district's atrium, or Can not be placed in the rear seat (trunk) to the park to play, the frequency of children's electric car will be greatly reduced.