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Kids Electric Motorcycle To Ensure The Safety Of Children
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Most children like cars, the greater the more the toy car to attract the child's attention, if your baby in the district, street, park to see other children riding an electric motorcycle, is not going to walk Road, now do not have to envy other children, children's electric four-wheeled motorcycle, with remote control, early education, music flash and other high security index, reliable quality.

Children's electric motorcycles use the new environmentally friendly raw materials, tested 80Kg adults without pressure.

The key to start the fire, the simulation sound; engine to accelerate the sound button, the configuration also speaker button, 2 music button, forward and backward file, third gear variable speed button, which a total of six music loop! Other configurations are front headlights, anti-fog windshield, rearview mirror, realistic rear taillights, wear-resistant widening tires, plus auxiliary wheels!

Children's electric motorcycle also includes foot speed, slow brake function, charge protection, battery low voltage protection function of the four major security features to ensure the safety of children!