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Plush Electric Car
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Plush electric car is set children's toys, plush toys, Childs vehicles, recreational vehicles, electric vehicles in one of the electric toys. Plush toys electric cars mainly, cat / dog / cow / horse / Cubs / radiant and other animal models, the appearance of high-grade Pv velvet fabric textile materials, animal model with foot wheel, power energy produced children's entertainment plush electric toy car, lively and lovely appearance, can be refreshing, type styles varied; MP3 stereo player, there are six fixed loop songs can also download any; the head, the legs can be mounted separately three groups of high-brightness seven-color lights, high brightness seven-color lights five groups, one group of lights can flash in a standby state, less than an hour Lok car, manual control switch forward or backward. Start ways: remote control, manual and coin three kinds, suitable for children older than 4 years.