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Share Continuous Direct Electric Motorcycle Trip Mileage Shortened Reasons
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Electric motorcycle to continue the mileage shorten a great relationship with the battery when the battery aging, when the capacity decreases, mileage becomes shorter, but the following does not belong to the battery problems will lead to shorter Mileage:

1) When the motor efficiency drops, do useful work increases, the waste of electricity, so continue the mileage is shorter;

2) poor quality charger daily when the battery charge due to charge, so that insufficient battery capacity decrease caused by the daily mileage is shortened;

3) the electric vehicle controller bad starting current is too large, the starting time is too long and wasting electricity, causing electric car Mileage shorter;

4) low-quality electric cars all moving parts frictions coefficient is too large, or the mechanical transmission resistance is too large, it can also cause waste of electricity, which led to continue the mileage is shorter.