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Share No Direct Electric Motorcycle Idling Cause
- Aug 22, 2016 -

After the motorcycle electric start, throttle grip can not relax completely, otherwise it will turn off, no motorcycle called idle; if idle fluctuated, speed instability, called idle instability. When General Electric motorcycle factory has been idle adjusted. If there is bad idle, the manufacturer shall first use the specified requirements described repeatedly debugging. Such as by repeated testing does not solve the bad idle, it may have some of the following reasons:

1. The ignition timing is not accurate, so bad at idle idle at this time should be required to adjust the ignition timing to be accurate.

2. The engine has an air leak, you should check the carburetor and the engine coupling is sealed well, the spark plug and air cover, crankcase and other seal is good. Whether the spark plug is working properly, whether the gap between the two poles, adjusting the gap between the two poles. Carburetor idle jet itself is smooth and the air filter is smooth, should ensure its smooth.